Truk Wurks Monsters Shine In The Spotlight of the Silverdome

(Pontiac, MI) The Truk Wurks Off Road team came into Pontiac looking to put both the Bars Leaks Eliminator and Rislone Defender deep into the racing brackets and bring the fans to their feet with stellar freestyle performances.

Greg and Zach would have a difficult task at hand facing some of the top teams in the country including Hall Brothers Racing, 2Extreme Racing and two time Monster Nationals Racing Champion Tailgator. “We knew how difficult it would be to advance through the brackets in racing right from the start,” said Bars Leaks Eliminator Driver Greg Adams. “There are a lot of past champions and drivers with a lot of experience here, but we’re not going to back down from anyone.”

Unfortunately, Zach Adams and the Rislone Defender would lose a starter on the line of his first race and would not be able to continue until freestyle. “It was a really tough break, we had just put in a new starter right before the show,” said Rislone Defender Driver Zach Adams.

With the Rislone Defender out of the racing bracket for the night, the Bars Leaks Eliminator and Greg Adams were left with the pressure of carrying the Truk Wurks name through the brackets in Pontiac. The Bars Leaks Eliminator would handily defeat Shell Camino and take out 3-time Thunder Nationals Champion Diehl Wilson in Virginia Giant. The first two wins would pit Adams against Doug Neolke in Tail Gator in the semi-finals. Noelke and the Tailgator would prove to be just a bit too much as the Gator edged off Adams in the Bars Leaks Eliminator to advance to the finals.

Freestyle kicked off with Zach Adams in the Rislone Defender pulling one of the highlight moves of the night with a huge slap wheelie across the floor of the Silverdome. “I felt the truck start to bounce back and forth, that’s when I knew I should probably set her down!” said Adams. Greg Adams also put down a stellar run for the thousands of fans in attendance. Adams piloted the Bars Leaks Eliminator to huge air and plenty of momentum.

The Truks Wurks shop is extremely busy this time of year as Greg and Zach gear up for a busy 1st quarter. Be sure to check out the Bars Leaks Eliminator and Rislone Defender at these locations this winter:

Jan 14-15 El Paso, Texas
Jan 21-22 Lake Charles, Louisiana
Jan 28-29 Farmington, New Mexico
Feb 4-5 Abilene, Texas
Feb 18-20 Tulsa, Oklahoma
Feb 25-26 Dubuque, Iowa
Mar 4-5 Jonesboro, Arkansas
Mar 25-26 Ft. Wayne, Indiana

For more information on the Truk Wurks Off Road team, visit them online at

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